Although we ensure every dish is of the highest standard at Sông Quê Café we wanted to highlight a few that have proved firm favourites amongst both the Pham Family and our customers. Mrs Pham hand picks and trains every one of our chefs to follow her recipes and keeping a watchful eye on the stock throughout the day it is no surprise she is known as 'Mum' to the whole kitchen.

Pride in pho


We at Sông Quê Café know that the heart of our delicious pho is the full and rich broth. We simmer the choicest cuts of beef for hours on end, adding seven different types of herbs and spices to give the irresistible aroma and taste. Once ladled over rice noodles, your choice of beef cut and garnished with coriander and onions the pho is complete. Served with fresh basil leaves, bean sprouts and red chillies ready to adorn the ultimate in noodle soups.